Got Lunch Plans?

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Got Lunch Plans?

Gone are the days when ladies got together for tea and crumpets during their lunch hour. Guys, wanna gather ‘round and watch the football game? Yeah right…it’s not the weekend. Sit alone on your couch and watch tv with a bowl of microwaved leftovers? I think not. So let me think…hmmmm, what would be fun to do for lunch? I know.

LUNCH & BOWL at Franklin Family Entertainment Center.

Good answer! Did you know that every Tuesday & Thursday (they added another day recently because it is so popular) Franklin Lanes offers a “Lunch & Bowl”? It’s true and you won’t believe the awesome deal it is! So what do you normally spend when you go out for lunch? For me, even a sandwich, fries and drink is $10 and then tax puts it up to almost $11 and then you tip and you are up to $14 or more.

Guess what, it’s cheaper to enjoy a great meal and enjoy it while bowling!!! I’m not kidding. Each Tuesday and Thursday from 11am – 2pm you can bowl for an hour and have a delicious meal for only $12.99 (or pay a little more and bowl for another hour). What more could you ask for?

I know what more you could ask for…unlimited drink refills on your soda and free shoe rental to be included. Okay fine. You win; you drive a hard bargain. Franklin Family Entertainment Center will throw in unlimited large soft drink refills and your shoe rental with LUNCH & BOWL.

So now what, you ask? Next up, call and reserve your bowling lane at 615-790-2695 ext. 0. Are you in a hurry or do you have large group who wants to join in on the fun? No problem…you can fax in your lunch orders to 615-790-2699. Oh, I guess I should let you know what your lunch choices are so you can let us know:

  • Hamburger or Cheeseburger, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Patty melt, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Hot dog, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • BLT, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Grilled Cheese, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Mini Corn Dogs (I don’t care how old you are, those are yummy), Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Chicken Strips, Fries and a Soft Drink
  • Cheese Sticks and a Soft Drink
  • Fried Mushrooms and a Soft Drink
  • Personal Pizza and a Soft Drink
  • Bread Sticks and a Soft Drink

Is it just me or should everyone be able to find at least one item on that list they are craving for lunch?

So here’s the deal…sit alone at home (boring), pay a bunch of money to eat at a restaurant and hope the food is okay as well as the service OR eat lunch and go bowling at Franklin Lanes where you will get a great meal and be able to work it off with a little fun called bowling for an hour or more. Hands down, LUNCH & BOWL is the winner!

Please call today to reserve your lane for this Tuesday or Thursday; not only will you not regret it, but you may enjoy yourself so much that you will decide to make it a weekly tradition. Hey, I’m not judging…it’s just so fun that it could totally happen. WWW.FRANKLINLANES.COM.


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