Got Poker Face?

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Got Poker Face?

So I was flipping through the television channels yesterday and stopped when I saw a strange looking man wearing a jacket that looked like it was made out of aluminum foil, a Captain America tee-shirt and large futuristic sunglasses. Was it an alien sighting show? No…the dude was playing poker in Las Vegas. Well guess what…you can play poker right here in Middle Tennessee at J’s Sports Grill inside Franklin Family Entertainment Center too.

I’m serious…you don’t need to drive a few hours to Metropolis to go on a gambling boat, several hours to drive to a Biloxi casino or even spend hundreds flying out to Vegas. You can stay right here in the comfort of your hometown and go to Franklin Lanes on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights to play some FREE Texas Hold-Em.

Yes, you read that right…FREE Poker. This is great on so many levels:

  • It’s a fun night out at one of Franklin’s most popular gathering places…Franklin Family Entertainment Center.
  • If you are an experienced Poker player, Franklin Lanes is a great place to hone your skills and get even better…hey, with enough practice, you too can be on live tv from Vegas looking like an alien (Just Kidding!).
  • If you are a beginner and want to learn the game, this is your chance to do it for free so you aren’t out a ton of moolah.
  • You will meet a ton of cool people, make new friends and have a fantastic time.

So you may be wondering what the catch is if it’s free poker. No catch at all. As a matter of fact, gift certificates are actually given away to the the top players. Can’t beat that.

That said, Franklin Family Entertainment Center does have some rules (aren’t there always?). So here they are (and you better follow them or you may be asked to leave):

  1. The first dealer is the one who draws the high card.
  2. Any card turned over during the deal causes a RE-DEAL.
  3. Don’t show others players your cards (no brainer) and don’t stand behind another player to help them play (another no brainer).
  4. If you aren’t the dealer, keep your hands off the chips.
  5. All cards must be turned up and they play themselves during “all in”.
  6. If “all in” is called before the flop, anyone still in the game must show all cards.
  7. Mucked cards are dead.
  8. Even if you would have won, if you muck your cards, you lose.
  9. And speaking of mucking, get your booty to the table quick if the cards have been dealt. If you aren’t there within a minute of the cards being dealt, consider your cards mucked. (I had to go potty is not an excuse.)
  10. No talking about folded hands while a hand is in play.
  11. The “Pit Boss” (AKA Franklin Lanes or more specifically J’s Sports Grill) has final say on all disputes.
  12. Don’t be nasty and badger other poker players…you aren’t in high school any more, are you? So don’t act like it.
  13. Just like in the casinos, you gotta be 21 to play poker in in J’s Sports Grill.
  14. If you are out, please leave the table.
  15. Don’t be petty…remember, this is FREE poker, so any player has the right to play any cards.

Hey, I almost forgot…if you get hungry or thirsty while you’re playing poker, J’s Sports Grill has gotcha covered. Besides a full bar, they offer all your favorites like pizza, chicken strips, quesadillas, burgers, wings and more.

So put your poker face on and come over to Franklin Family Entertainment Center on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights for a little friendly game of Texas Hold-Em. And just so you know, you don’t have to dress like that guy I saw on tv last night…unless, of course, you want to 🙂


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